Bubblewrap the Cat’s Caretaker Shares Her Condition

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Being diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome meant Bubbles needed some extra care and attention.

Bubble’s story starts at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Los Angeles, California.

Because of the fragility of her skin due to EDS, Bubbles could not just go into a regular cat room with sharp corners, other kitties, and hard surfaces. Normal cat activities like grooming or playing roughly with claws could cause injuries that were difficult to heal for Bubbles.

She really needed a person who understood her condition and possibly even shared her condition, which can also be found in humans.


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At the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Bubbles had her own special baby-proofed room.

Because Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (also known as feline cutaneous asthenia when describing cats) means the skin can tear easily due to a lack of elasticity from collagen not forming correctly, Bubbles needed a safe space in the form of her own room with no sharp edges and lots of soft surfaces.

She has to wear a cone to prevent her from cutting herself accidentally while grooming and wear caps on her claws to keep her from scratching herself. And, she had to find different ways to play, since rough and tumble kittens could injure her.

While at Best Friends, Bubbles loved to play hide-and-seek with any human who would stop by. “It’s hard not to smile around her because she’s so goofy”, said Rachael Slater, a caregiver. However, Bubbles really needed someone special to take her in and give her all of the love she deserved.

Finally, Bubbles was adopted by someone who understood her struggle.

It turns out that cats aren’t the only mammals that can be diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – humans too! And, in a twist of fate, it wasn’t even Bubbles that Cici Ogden saw, at first.

Toby, another cat at Best Friends, was the first to educate curious cat owners about Ehlers-Danlos and based on the response, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary thought it would be worth the effort to put Bubbles out on Instagram, too.

Cici saw Toby’s account through her sister who was “surprised to find that cats can have EDS as well. I saw that little face and fell in love”. Cici knew what would be required because of her familiarity with the condition, and it was a purrfect match!


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Today, Bubblewrap is loving life in New York City.

Now home in New York, Bubbles is not only well-traveled, but stylish, too! And, she even has her own Instagram account! Her cone accentuates her pink outfits and she is always dressed for the occasion! They love to spend days relaxing and napping, and updating Instagram, of course. Bubbles is quite a popular gal, and her fans love to see her living her best life.


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And when it’s time to unwind, this sweet girl loves a good cuddle in a safe space where she can be comfortable in her own skin.


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