10 Signs You Might Have a Clingy Cat

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After spending an entire day out of the house with the company of other human beings,
there is nothing more pleasant than coming home to a loving cat.

After all, social interaction with other people has its benefits, but the unconditional love of your cat is just unbeatable. Your cat probably feels the same way you do when you come home.

But how do you know if your kitten is getting just a tad too clingy? At what point does cat love get a little bit too much for you to handle?

Take a seat, wait for your furry roommate to jump on your lap, and as you scratch that spot on their neck that they love so much, check out these 10 signs of clingy cat

1. Your Shadow Looks Like a Cat (The Follower)

Watch your step!- If you’ve tripped over your beloved feline at least once this week,
or if you’ve trained yourself to always look down at your feet as you walk around your
house, chances are that you have the type of cat known as the “follower”.

2. Your Clingy Cat Has a Hard Time Letting Go (The Scratcher)

Please don’t go! – Their eyes focused on you, scratches on your cheeks, nose,
and forehead. Do you wonder why your cat gets so affectionate all of a sudden? Well, Cats love to get attention (especially) when you’re asleep or busy watching TV. A
kittie that scratches and kneads its owner repeatedly to get attention might be a bit too

3. If You Don’t Eat, I Won’t Eat (The Dieter)

Cat caregivers especially worry about this type – another symptom of clingy behavior
is not eating or eating very little when the owner isn’t at home. This usually happens with
cats that suffer from separation anxiety. While alone they do not feel safe to eat.

4. Pillow, Mattress and Leg Belong to Me (The Bed Hogger)

older cat very clingy
Cat snuggling – whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, having your cat next to you in bed can be like having a free electric blanket. However, when your precious furry bundle of joy begins to take over your pillow, or significant portions of your mattress, demoting you to the small corner where the coil spring pokes your back – you have a clingy cat issue.

5. Meow Me a River (aka: Neighbor’s Nightmare)

Clingy cat behavior involving meowing– cats calling out to get their owner’s attention is quite common. It can be bothersome enough when you are at home, but the meowing can become constant throughout the owner’s absence. Again, separation anxiety usually fosters this behavior.

6. Please Don’t Move!

Clingy cat behavior decides where you are – whether you sit, stand, or sleep is a matter that requires their approval. Your cat is so attached to you that you will notice that this type of cat will get agitated if you sit on a different chair or lie down in a different part of the bed. 

7. The Scaredy Cat

Some cats react to strangers– either by being indifferent or by feeling insecure and
hiding. If every time you’ve got company your cat glues itself to your feet or legs, you
might have an extra clingy cat.

8. I Want More! (Demanding Kitty)

Cat wants to be petted constantlyhearing them purr as you see them enter that state of relaxation can be just as relaxing for the cat owner as for the cat. However, when every time you sit
down, your kitty comes over demanding to be petted, then you may have a clingy cat.

9. Amuse Me Human! (Manipulative Cat)

Demanding clingy cat trait– Is behaviour seen in cats demanding something from their owner when they feel like it. Usually, this is the result of over-pampering. Cats pick up on how
we humans can be easily manipulated. Some cats have no problem exploiting our weakness.

10. The Clingy Cat Long Goodbye

Honey, I’m home– that moment you grab your keys, your bag, or simply the sound of
the front door knob turning causes your cat to come running towards you. Brushing up
against your leg, seemingly trying to hold you in place. That probably means you have a clingy cat. Over time they begin to associate the “tell-tale” sounds of you leaving with affection time.
Other cats associate it with your actual departure and realize that they will be alone,
triggering separation anxiety

Still, having a clingy cat can have its advantages. Even though your cat may be clingy, melancholic or just silly, the fact that you mutually understand each other can feel very rewarding. So whether you spoil your cat silly or your cat demands attention, you’ll still have a loyal friend, eager to spend time with you!

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56 thoughts on “10 Signs You Might Have a Clingy Cat”

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  1. Natalie

    So my cat has all these signs. I just adopted her about 4 days ago and she is 6 months old. How do I try to make her feel more secure?

    1. Avatar photoAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Natalie,
      It’s all about giving your kitten the time and space she needs to adjust to her new home.
      It usually takes a few weeks for a cat to get fully adjusted to his/her’s new home.
      Here are few tips that might help:
      1) Schedule out daily playtime.
      2) Make plenty of vertical space for your cat to explore.
      3) Enrich your cat’s environment by getting a Cat tree. IT is a great way to let your cat feel more independent and comfortable in his/her’s new surrounding.

      Hopes this helps!
      Please keep us updated

      1. Gary Hunter

        I have a Russian blue ( Howard ) whom is my first cat and going on two years old and he has many of the ten signs you have listed and I have thought about getting us a three month old Russian blue boy kitty name “ lurch “ in hopes that this will give Howard something more to bond with. I’m al ways very affectionate with my pets and I I if do adopt Lurch my question is, what are the chances that Howard becoming jealous ?

        1. Patricia Lowman

          I fostered two four week old kittens, a tuxedo and a Russian blue. They are now 7 months old and I adopted them. The blue is excessively clingy, always has been, to me, grandpa, my older cat, Leroy, and the tuxedo! He loves everybody, not a bit of jealousy. I would adopt him a friend.

  2. Bridgett Taylor

    Since my 6 month old kitten got sick and almost died he has become obsessively clingy since surviving. His white blood cell count was a 1. Thank goodness I work for a vet that allowed me to take him to work with me everyday for fluids and to force feed him. Constantly on me and touching me. It is really bad and can be difficult to deal with at times. Any advice?

    1. Avatar photoAll About Cats Post author

      Wow! Bridget what a touching and beautiful story. In all honesty, we aren’t cat behavior specialists. But I do think that you should set clear boundaries and once you feel that your kitten’s behavior is disrupting your daily routine slowly guide him off you with a treat or a toy. For more information, I suggest you get in touch with Pamela from http://www.wayofcats.com she has a life long experience dealing with cat behavior issues.

  3. Liv

    I’ve been so concerned with my cat eating little, as soon as I put food down for her and i leave the room she has to follow me I can’t even shower without her scraching the door and crying. She’s been this way since my older cat died three months ago it’s heartbreaking but she’s very much loved I just need to find a way to get her to eat more.

    1. Avatar photoAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Liv,
      It turns out that many cat caregivers are experiencing this sort of behavior. Especially when it’s time to take a shower. Cats always want to know what’s going on in their territory.
      The other thing to understand about cats is that they mourn just like us. Try changing her food and set a regular feeding schedule. If she still does not eat, I suggest taking her to your local vet for a check up.
      The good news is that she is so very loved by you and that will give her the strength she needs. Please keep us updated 🙂

    2. Jen

      When I don’t think my cat is eating enough I give her cat/kitten milk if she refuses it I get out a medicines dropper and feed her 2 or 3 droppers

  4. Rheaniece

    My cat has all of these signs. I adopted her a few months ago, and she’s 9 years old. I’m also very concerned about the separation anxiety since I live in an apartment and visit my family on the weekends. When I come back, I can hear her all the way from the elevator down the hall 🙁 I love her very much and want her to be more comfortable alone. She also really dislikes other cats, so I don’t think I can try that or afford it. Do you have any tips for me? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Avatar photoAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Rheaniece,
      What you’re describing is actually a quite common issue for many cat owners. Here are a few tips that might help:
      Eliminate anxiety-inducing food and/or drink from your cat’s diet (Fewer low-quality carbs).
      Incorporate mood-enhancing foods into your cat’s diet.
      Try exercises
      Do something they love…
      Don’t overwhelm your cat with many guests

    2. LoBentley217

      Take her with you on the weekends when you visit your family. You can transport her in a little carrier and then get one of the super big dog crates that fold up and have a bed, toys, litter box, etc. inside and leave the jumbo crate at your family’s for when you visit and that way she has a chance to get comfortable over there and not run away or hide somewhere, but also has space of her own so she doesn’t feel trapped. They have crates for like 100+ pound dogs on chewy that are always on sale and not very expensive at all and you could just ship it to your family’s house along with a bed, litter box, etc. and that way you and your adorable cat can be together and she won’t be so sad all weekend.

    3. Caryn

      Your cat was 9 when you adopted her so she’s obviously felt grief, and been abandoned..either by a human’s death or been given up, etc. of course she’s going to be anxious, and very scared when left. She can’t feel secure. Leave the tv on or a radio on, spray pheromone odour and leave toys with catnip around your place, before you leave . Put the special toys and treats away on your return.

  5. Rachael

    Hi, was wondering if you can give me some advice on my cat. She is 10 years old and has always been a very nervy cat around strangers. She appears to be very scared of other cats and does not go out much, generally just to go to the toilet and then comes straight back in. Over the past few weeks she has become very clingy, always wanting to be beside myself or my daughter. The past week she has to actually have her head laying on us all the time. I am out at work during school ours and my cat has always been used to being left alone. Nothing has changed around the house, it’s always been just my daughter and I. There has been a few times when she appears to be crying, but I’m not sure if it is crying or just strange meowing . We give her lots of attention when we are home and never turn her away. At night she has always lay at the bottom of the bed, but recently she wants to be right up beside you, like she can’t get close enough. I am very worried about her and would appreciate any advice you could give.

    1. Avatar photoAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Racheal,
      It’s wonderful that you’re giving her lots of love and attention and it’s not uncommon behavior for older cats. Some cats do get more and more clingy as they get older. In regards to your cat meowing at night,
      my cats are always meowing at night as most cats do :)… But, if you do see a rapid change in behavior I would have a vet look at her just in case.

    2. Jen

      My cat did that the last 6 yrs of her life
      She wanted to sleep on my arm with her face 2 inches from mine
      She past away on 2020 she was almost 19 years old

  6. Key

    Hi! I have a year old kitten that follows me everywhere and meows constantly (except when I’m not home, she just sleeps). She would probably take over my bed if she could but I don’t allow her in my bedroom :-). I’ve tried giving get an hour of playtime a day after work and leaving toys out for her. She has a car tree next to the windowsill so she can move in between freely.

    What else can I do to break her clingy-ness?

    1. Avatar photoAll About Cats Post author

      What you’re describing is actually a quite common issue for many cat owners. Here are a few tips that might help:
      -Eliminate anxiety-inducing food and/or drink from your cat’s diet (Fewer low-quality carbs).
      -Incorporate mood-enhancing foods into your cat’s diet.
      -Try exercises that require distance
      -Don’t overwhelm your cat with many guests

  7. Kelley

    So my cat is now over 10 years old . Her whole life she didn’t like being held or really bothered with . She playeed fetch and play with toys but that’s really all she didn’t wanna be picked up . Sbut she always slept on top of me at night time. Last year to now she is demanding treats and food and in I sit on the couch she is on top of me if I go sit on a chair she jumps and lays down on me like I cat get rid of her . But I can honestly say I love it me and her always had a special bond but I just don’t know why she changed after 10 years ? Should I be worried? I was told when they get like this there’s something wrong with the human or them . But she seems healthy nothing changed

  8. Gary

    My cat is around 18 years old but is as perky and healthy as ever. But is a shadow cat. Everywhere I go she follows me and if I’m inside the house, she sits at the front door and just stares through the glass looking for signs of (my) movement. I’m regularly away for 3-4 days each week and leave food out for her. But when I’m back its OTT attack on me with constant reverse surveillance and attention. Why does she just not just go exploring or to sleep and give me some peace and quiet??? I luv her to bits but she overdoes it.

  9. Maria

    I have a 6 month old cat and he is very playful and energetic. When I adopted him he was only 5 weeks old and was in a very bad condition so I took 2 weeks off from work and was constantly taking care of him. Now he is one healthy boy. I am a bit worried though as I will be going on a holiday in October for 7 days and I am thinking of leaving him with my parents at their house. I sometimes take him their for few hours and normally I stay with him as he is very attached to me and if he does not see me he starts meowing. He is very friendly to everyone. My only concern is that he might feel abandoned when I take him to my parent’s home and leave him there without seeing me for 7 days :(. I

    1. Avatar photoAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Maria,

      It’s great to hear that you guys have formed such a unique bond. You’re truly lucky to have found one another 🙂
      I’m sure he’ll be fine for those 7 days, you’ll be surprised how cats can adapt quickly. The only thing is I would let you’re parents know a rough estimation of his daily calorie intake. Some cats tend to over eat when introduce to a new environment.

      Good luck!

  10. Nancy Cleveland

    Good luck to all! Sixteen years ago a neighbour brought us a kitten she had found in the woods behind her home. Mother had a litter, moved each, one by one, but never came back for Jack. Neighbour knew we rescued and rehomed dogs, cats, birds. This little guy was about four weeks old and, because he was so young, so little, we set up a little area just for him (so he wasn’t trod on by the bigger members of our fur family). All are well-loved, get play times with us but also left to play by themselves or with each other. We’ve had three cat trees, individual scratching posts, toys, treats and all treated equally. But Jack…..for the first year or more, he nursed or attempted to, my neck. I’d put him on the floor and ignore him, give him affection on my terms to break his habit. He eventually stopped this habit but…..ever since, the minute I sit down he is in my lap kneading, pawing my face, arm, head bumping my chest, chin, head, nose. I put him down or move him elsewhere he immediately comes back….until I head for bed (none of our companions sleep with us) Jack does this when I’m on the couch, a chair, at the dining table or at my desk. Distractions, play, nothing has worked. Much as I love the boy this is a problem and has been for sixteen years and nothing has worked. And I am the only one with who he does any of those thing…not the other human in the home, not the dogs, cats……nothing. I’m not complaining much as I don’t like it for after sixteen years there is absolutely no point!! I would just love to understand or figure out why Jack is so obsessive and consistent and, so far, no luck. As much and as often (hourly!) as Jack will do these things I’ve worked as dissuading him using every suggestion I’ve ever seen and it makes no difference. As I said…good luck to all. (BTW…he is also perfectly healthy…..and he is never alone!)

  11. Alexandria Wraith

    @Nancy Cleveland my boy cat Oliver does the exact same thing. He even used to try and nurse on my neck. He constantly wants to be in my lap and when I go to bed, he is right there next to me. But he meows at me if he can’t see my face. And he /HAS\ to be under the blankets, cuddled up to my side. Every night. But he suddenly had become even more affectionate to the point of waking me up to get cuddles or lettings. Is this normal?

  12. Kayci

    My cat is approximately 13-15 years old (none of us can agree on how old she really is), but apparently still thinks she’s a kitten with how playful and energetic she is. Recently, within the past three or so years, she has become extremely clingy with me and me alone. I live in a house with four other people and three other cats but she is only like this with me. She follows me from room to room, immediately climbs into my lap whenever I sit down anywhere, and if I’m sleeping or just relaxing in my bed, she has to be right there either under the blanket with me or at the foot of the bed. The thing is, she also gets annoyed very easily, so if I move too much or a certain way, or if I just do something she doesn’t like, she’s up and at the door ready to be let out. But then 10 minutes later she’s at the door scratching and crying to be let back in. This happens all hours of the night and it even disturbs my sleep. She’s also somehow figured out how to kick the door with her hind leg in a way that sounds exactly like a very angry person is pounding in your door. Imagine hearing that at 3:00 in the morning? It’s gotten to the point now where we’ve gone to the front door to find no one there, or left visitors standing outside thinking their knock was hers. Thankfully I’ve taught her not to do it on my door, so it’s really everyone else that suffers from that. She’s only like this when I’m at home – she’s completely fine when I leave for work/school or even when I go on vacation for an extended time. What can I do about this?

  13. Sam

    I have a 7 year-old orange tabby, and I absolutely love my cat. He’s my favorite pet that I’ve ever owned, and I see him as more of a familiar than a cat. Anyway, he used to be super sociable and come up to people, etc. This was when I was living with my GF at the time in an apartment(he wasn’t allowed outside), so I think the fact he had no escape prompted him to get used to people coming over and dealing with noise, etc.

    I now live in the country, and he is definitely happier going outside all the time and coming and going as he pleases. However, he is both a scaredy-cat by running away from everyone (even people he’s known forever), and he is spoiled and I think even has separation anxiety. He meow’s all of the time and doesn’t seem to know what he wants. This is a constancy, and no matter what I seem to do (feed him, pet him, play with him, put him in/out), he is never satisfied. I feel bad, because he genuinely seems in turmoil sometimes. What can I do to reduce his anxiety?

    1. Ali

      My stray un neutered 7 ish year old cat is the same. Initially he just slept and ate as he was in such bad condition. Now he is back to health and getting neutered on tuesday he is often out in all weathers but he willcome home and eat then he seems to get irritated pawing at me gently pulling my trousers with his teeth as if he wants me to go somewhere he taps my legs with his paws and head butts my legs but seem totally annoyed and frustrated. I put him in another room for a few minutes and often when let back out he settles down and goes to sleep but other times he doesn’t. I’m hoping he will calm down after his neutering. I have read intact males feel a lot of stress emotionally and physically. Any one had the same?

  14. Liz Kroeker

    My 15 y/o cat Mia has always been a people cat but since my other cat Kobe (her littermate) passed away 2 years ago she has become a velcro cat, glued to me. She is never alone as my son works from home and we have another cat who she gets along with. She gets to kneading which can hurt after a while and recently she has started expressing her displeasure with light nipping if I’m online and click on anything that involves sound, so I have to keep my volume down. It’s odd.
    We are trying to help her with spirit essences for confidence building. We have plenty of vertical space but she’s always been a bush dweller. She still loves to play, so we do that. But nothing seems to help the clingy behavior. Do I chalk it up to her age?

  15. Christine

    Hi, I have two cat’s but one of them ( Mocha) seems to be very clingy since my fiance left to take care of sick grandmother in another state almost a month ago. Is she suffering separation anxiety because he is not here? She is right up my alley sort of speak. She follows me everywhere and is next to me or on me any chance she gets.

  16. Winter

    Hey, my kitten has all these signs and more. I had to bottle feed her for a week or two and now she has to be by my side constantly. I mean she has even gotten to the point where she hides in my bag so she can come with me in the car and places, if I use the toilet she sits on my little sisters training potty till I’m done. She has to sleep at all times touching me. What can I do?

  17. Max's Mom

    We are all well trained humans it seems. Maximilion too is always touching me whether his paw is on my cheek or he is in my arms, stretched out napping. I chalk his behavior to being a wild barn kitten, who lost his momma when she was killed by a herd of cattle, when she was stepped on. He is attached to me like no cat ever! But at the same time he is a social butterfly and loves visiting my friends and family. Another thing, he has no real voice so he makes so little noise I put a bell on his collar. He would be in 7th heaven if I would carry him around like an infant. Thankfully, he is slender and not a chunky monkey.

  18. Melody G Shinn

    My cat is obsessed with me. She has to be touching me at all times. If I do not let her in my lap she sits in front of me and stares. If I am up busy she is right under my feet. She trips me all the time. She does not lay in favorite spots and sleep like most. She just sits in front of me and stares for hours. I am retired and she is really gets on my nerves. If I do not let her in my lap. she dive bombs me over and over evan if I squirt her with a water bottle. I dont know what to do. She also tries to run out the door every time it is open. She is a house cat.

    1. Joann Tourville

      You squirt your cat with a water bottle because he/she loves you so much they want your attention constantly? Wow. My cat is attached to my hip and is always in my face, etc. but I would never even consider squirting her for loving me too much. That’s sick. Get a turtle.

  19. Alina

    Wow. Sounds identical to my cat Niko. He’s a Russian White cat, and is deaf. It’s like a shadow, everywhere I go. And when I leave the house – forget it. Meowing and crying. I love him but it’s over the top.

    1. DAWN Alicia HOCKADAY

      I work from home, so my cat is literally with me all day. So it’s not like there is a separation issue. And I’ve tried it all. Brushing, playtime, things for him to do. He doesn’t care. The only thing he cares about is where my hands are so he can be pet. Playing with toys is useless. Totally fixated on my hands, and when they are going to pet him. Meowing constantly,. Following me everywhere. It is way too much. And when I say no, he goes off into another room and meows even louder, like his feelings are hurt, or that he’s in agony. I love him, but good grief, enough already. He’s 12 now and yes he’s been this way for all 12. It’s like living with a stalker. I could try and play with him all day, he dosen’t even care, “where are your hands.”

  20. Deana

    My 3-year-old male has been so attached to me since we adopted him 2 months ago. He is constantly at my side. When I walk into the room where his food dish is, he feels he has to eat (and because of this has put on some weight). I fear he has separation anxiety when we go away for a weekend as he has been urinating on our couch. I have tried several urine eliminating products and anti-spraying products, but he still does it. what can I do??

  21. Dawn

    I work from home, so my cat is literally with me all day. So it’s not like there is a separation issue. And I’ve tried it all. Brushing, playtime, things for him to do. He doesn’t care. The only thing he cares about are where my hands are so he can be pet. Playing with toys is useless. Totally fixated on my hands , and when they are going to pet him. Meowing constantly,. Following me everywhere. It is way too much. And when I say no, he goes off into another room and meows even louder, like his feelings are hurt. I love him, good grief, enough already. He’s 12 now and yes he’s been this way for all 12. It’s like living with a stalker. I could try and play with him all day, he dosen’t even care, “where are your hands.”

  22. Jaclyn

    I can agree to most of these items! We adopted two male kittens a little over a year ago and keep them indoors because our neighborhood has a lot of cars that pass through driving very fast and I get nervous. The cats are like my husband and my children (lol) however they are super needy! They have every type of toy under the sun (interactive battery operated toys, laser lights, string wands I play with them with and so much more) ,three climbing structures (a tree to ceiling climber, a tunnel with connecting tents, a structure with cesil (so?) Scratching poles and hiding spots , custom made window perches (one for each of them and a heated store bought cat perch) and additional scratching posts.

    It seems they just love being around myself and my husband non stop whether lying on top of us in bed or wherever we sit down. They love to both sit on my lap sometimes (which is a bit much with two kitties at ten plus pounds each)! Tucker the adventurous one constantly meows cute little high pitch noises and tries to go outside all the time and I feel awful! I have done all the things recommended to keep them stimulated indoor kitties, but when he doesn’t get to go outside (due to the neighborhood being unsafe with fast cars) he then meows for treats non stop! Any ideas how I can make him a happier indoor kitty( I have taken him out in the yard on a leash which he likes but he wants out all the time)? Thanks!

  23. Karen

    I took in a stray cat. It was cold and hungry. Took to vet. He is about 2 yrs. Asked to have him neutered, shots and treated for fleas etc. He was very badly matted so I then took him to a groomer. The kindest treatment was to shave him and have his nails clipped. I have had him for 3 weeks now and he is a very needy cat. I work and have an elderly shid-Tzu-14 1/2 Yrs. My house is in chaos. I can’t even read a book as cat interferes. I never had a cat before, only dogs. I have bought lots of toys and fixed a window seat for him. But life has become very difficult. Any suggestions? Thank you

  24. Liz P.

    I have 2 cats. One doesn’t bother me at all and kind of just chills and does her own thing. Her sister however is constantly all over me. When I come home from work, shes meowing at me constantly and following me around but if i try to pet her she runs away. Its confusing and annoying. Now im stuck working from home and she wont leave me alone. She sleeps on me or right next to my face all night. Then shes next to me and head butting me all day. She wants me to play fetch with her and her string for hours. I dont know what to do. She’s meowing a lot and its hard to work like that.

  25. Lynda Hamblen

    Hi, love this content very informative!
    Cats are active animals. They love to play around and exercise their instinctual behaviors. Whenever they get bored, they would suddenly become restless and attack you in a playful way.
    You may also see my blog on williamandtibbybook.com
    Hope this will also help. Thank you!

  26. Carol Ulrich

    I just adopted a a new cat. She is a year and 7 months old! She was just spayed the day before I got her. She purrs constantly and bless her heart is attached to me!
    I love this! She has been introduced to my mini dachshund and she never even hissed! I have another cat who immediately hissed but Addie, nothing! When I put her down, she immediately hides under sofa!
    Is this normal

  27. Denny Peck

    My thirteen year old cat has developed a new behavior (Orange Tabby Persian and we have his 1/2 sister a dilute calico Persian). Only at night when I get under the covers and the light is out-he has to constantly kneed me and for lack of a better term squawk. He is not aggressive, but if I go to touch him he runs away and then comes back to do it again and again. If I don’t open my eyes he gets up on my neck, puts his face on mine or walks behind my pillow and pulls at my hair. If I put him next to me he will sleep there all nigh–just like he used to and if I pet him he purrs. Before I turn off the light he usually comes up put his head on my knee and I just pet him while I read but as soon as I get under the covers with the light out he knead me of the sheeting next to me before he gets on me. I love this guy and it does not upset me and I do nothing to upset him -but this is new at age thirteen and has happened every night for the past four months. He is normal during the day.

  28. Christine

    I have 2 4year old torti sisters. One, the tubby one, has had a problem with excessive grooming in 1 spot till she was bald in a 2 in area on her R side. After she got her harness, she chews the nylon webbing and is on her 4th Lupine harness and it is almost in need of replacement. They are good, thick harnesses. I guess I’d rather have her chew that rather that all the lickimg and hair loss. The harness is above where she used to lick. My vet had no answers. We tried many deterrants on her skin and she licked those off immediately. YUCK!. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff she licked through. She has changed from skin to harness. Anyone know of a solution? Thanks.

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Hi Christine, this is a bit out of my realm of experience and knowledge, but it sounds like your cat may have more of an emotional or mental issue than a physical one. Does she show any other signs of hyperesthesia or other issues? This sounds like a complex and perplexing issue, so you may also want to bring this up to the people in the All About Cats community here.

  29. Duncan Wilson

    One of my three cats, Henry is extremely clingy, and affectionate. I took him in as a stray 10 weeks ago, after feeding and gaining his trust for around a year. From the moment he came in, he’s being practically glued to me. He follows me constantly, constantly meows and trills to try to get me to sit down in the recliner. I had him neutered, chipped, wormed, flead, and had a full set of blood work done on him 5 days after taking him in. He’s perfectly healthy. I rather like the clingy, almost father/child relationship which has built between us. Indeed, I see all three of my cats as my children, and not merely pets. But, he has lost weight because he won’t eat unless i’m present, he’s showing signs of fear aggression when I have family round. Indeed Henry hates all visitors now. He sees me as his family, and doesn’t want anyone else around apart from my other cats. The problem with my other cats is that their noses have been put out of joint. They don’t like how close Henry has become to me, and it has led to fights. Henry now has a scar down his nose where Jasper slashed him. Jasper is now warming to Henry a little, but Mikey loaths him with the power of a thousand burning suns.

  30. Will

    All the people here complaining about needy and neurotic cats. Have you ever asked yourself when was the last time you actually played with the cat? And five-ten minutes once a day (if you even do that) is not going to cut it. Most cats suffer long boring lives inside with crummy dry food and zero entertainment all day and all night long while you go to work, leave for weekends and trips, and otherwise treat the poor beasts like they are stuffed animals to be turned on and off when you feel like it. They do not have the opportunity to be walked and go outside like dogs (most cases). It never ceases to amaze me how people treat their cats like the animal is just supposed to sleep quietly all the time and just look fuzzy and cute. Your cats are neurotic because you ignore them most of the hours of the day! You’re too tired to play. You’d rather watch tv or sleep or go out. Well the cat can’t go anywhere and you wonder why it gets overly excited to see you. They literally have NOTHING ELSE. it’s cruel and you should get a pet rock. You would never ever treat a dog this way, and believe me, cats need the same amount of stimulation.

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Hi Will, great points. Cats definitely do need stimulation and entertainment, and indeed, what are considered behavioral issues are very often the result of understimulation.

  31. Myke

    I have two cats that have these same issues, my male cat Grimes actually grabs my arm with one paw while he licks my arm….my female cat Maggie has to sleep next to me and if she’s wanting to go to sleep she meows until I lay down, then she gets in her spot and all is well…lol

  32. Keri T

    My cat just turned 1 yr and she seems to follow me everywhere I go to the shop she follows, to work she follows I’m scared she will get ran over one day

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Keri, can you keep your cat inside when you’re going to the shop? What about using a harness, leash, and backpack? There are ways to help to keep her safe and decrease the chances that she’ll get hit while following you.

  33. Florence Sdnowich

    My 11 year old female cat was rece ntly diagnosed with pneumonia. Had a terrible time giving her pills for 20 days. If she found it in her food even if I ground it up she stopped eating, Now that the 20 days are over. She has been crying with a painful sound on and off during the day or night. Is she having stomach pains from the medication that mentioned could be a side effect and feeling pain? Do I have to take her to the vet? Another side effect mentioned diarhea and I have been cleaning the litter box at least 3
    times each day. polishkelly @gmail.com Please respond.

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Hello Florence, thank you for the comment. I would certainly recommend taking your cat to the veterinarian—you’ll want to know if she’s recovered from pneumonia and what might be ailing her. You can also get some advice from the veterinary moderators in the All About Cats forums.