Japanese Cat Names – 101 Exotic Names For Cats With Meanings

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Japanese names have an exotic beauty to them that makes them great for cats, whether yours is a Japanese breed or not. Here are 101 of the best Japanese cat names for you to pick from.

Boy Names

Daisuke- Means a great help.

  1. Eiji– Means eternal order.
  2. Hideo– Means excellent person.
  3. Fumio– Heroic literary character.
  4. Daiki– This noble name means royalty.
  5. Ayumu– Means a dream or a vision.
  6. Daisuke– Means a great help.
  7. Ichiro– Means firstborn son.
  8. Jiro– This strong name means the second son.
  9. Kyo– This common Japanese name means cooperation.
  10. Masaru– Means a righteous being.
  11. Michi– Means the pathway to something.
  12. Noboru– This honorable name means to rise to something greater.
  13. Ren– Means love or lotus flower.
  14. Ryo– This common names means refreshing or cool.
  15. Satoshi– Refers to a wise creature.

Takeo- Means a strong warrior.

  1. Sora– This fun name means the sky.
  2. Tadashi– Means loyal and true.
  3. Ryota– Means refreshing.
  4. Takeo– Means a strong warrior.
  5. Yukio– Is a hero that is blessed.
  6. Yoshio– Fairly common name that means joyful life.
  7. Youta– Means sunshine.
  8. Tadeo– Means faithful and loyal.
  9. Riku– Is a strong name that means of the earth or the land.
  10. Osamu– Means disciplined or obedient, which isn’t a name you want to use for just any cat.
  11. Naoki– Means strong like a tree but honest as well.
  12. Mitsuru– Means full or satisfying.
  13. Masa– Simply means to be true.
  14. Takumi– Is a word meaning artist or artisan.
  15. Taki– Means shining with radiance and glory.

Shou- Is for a treasured cat, as it means prize.

  1. Shinobu– Is a name given to someone who endures or stands fast.
  2. Masashi– This name means aspiring to righteousness and goodness.
  3. Kouta– Should be reserved for quiet cats, ands it means peace.
  4. Kyoshi– A name that means purity and may work well for white cats.
  5. Kenta– Can be used for tough, strong cats, as it means healthily strong.
  6. Kaoru– The name means sweet smelling fragrance.
  7. Kenshin– Means both modest and truthful.
  8. Norio– Means a creature that is lawful, being obedient to the law of the land.
  9. Masaaki– Means a creature or thing that is pleasing in its brightness.
  10. Hotaka– Is a fine name that means tall like the grain.
  11. Hinata– Is a great name for cats with lightly-colored faces, as it is means looking toward the sun.
  12. Dai– Is a suitable name for larger cats, as it means large or great.
  13. Arata– Is great for cats that are a breath of fresh air and a great source of joy, as it means new and refreshing.
  14. Shou– Is for a treasured cat, as it means prize.
  15. Yuu– Is a fine name meaning brave and gentle.
  16. Yuudai– Is a name meaning great hero.
  17. Haruka– Is good for cats that are always daydreaming, as it means distant.
  18. Isamu– Means brave and bold.
  19. Shin– Means true or genuine.
  20. Naomi– Is a name that means one’s true self.

Girl Names

Mao- A blossom, particularly a cherry blossom.

  1. Emi– Means a beautiful blessing.
  2. Fumiko– A very beautiful child.
  3. Chika– Means flowers that have been scattered.
  4. Asuka– Means fragrance or beautiful perfume.
  5. Hisako– Means a child that is a blessing for a long life.
  6. Hiroko– A child that is generous, and a variation of that is Hiro.
  7. Izumi– Is a common name that means fountain or spring.
  8. Kimi– Means a noble creature, as many cats are.
  9. Kyoko– Means a creature that is respectful, as few cats are.
  10. Mai– Describes a dance.
  11. Mao– A blossom, particularly a cherry blossom.
  12. Minori– Means a truthful creature.
  13. Morikio– Is great for cats that love to be outdoors, as it means a child of the forest.
  14. Miyu– Means gentle and beautiful.
  15. Hoshi– This commonly used name means star.

Kae- This name means blessing.

  1. Ceiko– Means a creature that is splendid.
  2. Airi– Is the name of the love jasmine flower.
  3. Chiyoko– Is a child of long line of family.
  4. Kimiko– Refers to a noble child, such as an empress’ daughter.
  5. Mana– Simply means love.
  6. Miki– Is a lovely princess.
  7. Noriko– This name means a lawful or obedient creature.
  8. Rin– Is a name meaning dignified.
  9. Suzume– Is good for sleek, fast cats, because it means sparrow.
  10. Yasu– Is good for white cats, as it means snow.
  11. Yua– Is a beautiful name that means strong, lasting love.
  12. Tomiko– Means a child of wealth.
  13. Umeko– Means a wonderful child.
  14. Kae– This name means blessing.
  15. Katana– This dangerous name means sword.

Yuki- This lovely name means happiness.

  1. Miyaba– Is a name meaning elegance.
  2. Tomomi– This beautiful names means friend.
  3. Maemi– Means a sincere smile.
  4. Shina– Is a name that means virtuous.
  5. Noa– This simple name means both love and hope.
  6. Akemi– This sweet name means a beautiful sunrise.
  7. Kaida– For a more dangerous name, try this one, which means little dragon.
  8. Kyrinnia– This unique name means shining friend.
  9. Yuka– It means a delicate flower.
  10. Chie– Perfect for the wise-looking cat, as it means wisdom.
  11. Tamiko– Means a beautiful creature.
  12. Yoshie– Means a lovely stream.
  13. Yuki– This lovely name means happiness.
  14. Momoka– You could name your cat after the peach tree flowers.
  15. Mio– Or you could go with the beautiful cherry blossoms instead.
  16. Mami– This name means sincere loveliness.
  17. Keiko– This is a common name meaning blessed or respected.
  18. Honaka– Is the name of a Japanese flower.
  19. Hikari– This name means radiance or light.
  20. Emiko– This name means blessed creature.
  21. Ayame– Is the name of the iris in Japanese.

Hopefully, one of these piques your interest and is just what you are looking for to name your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good Japanese cat name?

Haruki, Yoshi, Momo, Kenzo, Yuki, Yumma, Tadeo, and Fuku are popular cat names in Japan - with Yoshi meaning “good luck”!

In Japan, cats are beloved companions and their names are often chosen with care. Popular names include Haruki, Yoshi, Momo, Kenzo, Yuki, Yumma, Tadeo, and Fuku. The name Yoshi has special significance, as it means “good”.

Is Suki a cat name?

Suki is a beautiful Japanese name meaning “beloved” and is especially fitting for a Japanese Bobtail girl.

It also makes a great choice for fans of the 1985 Western Silverado.

What are some popular Japanese cat names for male cats?

Hitoshi, Taeko, Toshiro, Katsuro, and Hoshi are some popular Japanese cat names for male cats.

What are some tips for choosing the perfect Japanese cat name?

When choosing the perfect Japanese cat name, take into account your cat’s gender, color, markings, and personality.

Additionally, look to history, books, television, and modern trends for further inspiration.

Hopefully, one of these piques your interest and is just what you are looking for to name your cat.

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