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After doing a lot of research to find out who the most influential people in the online cat lover’s community are, we came across a number of notable figures 🙂

The following presents an overview of popular people and their writings about cats:

1. Francesco Marciuliano

Image of Francesco Marciuliano
Francesco is an award winning author of the best selling cat book  “I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats”, published by Chronicle Books. This book is a Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and NPR fast moving seller.

His most recent book, “I Knead My Mommy: And Other Poems by Kittens”, was published in August 2014, and is also a must read.

2. Jackson Galaxy

Image of Jackson Galaxy
A fan favorite indeed. On a personal note I absolutely loved the T.V. series “My Cat from Hell”! Here are 4 things that he taught us about cats:

  1. If you’re feeling stressed, so is your cat.
  2. Good food is fuel for your cat’s well being.
  3. Playing with your cat is essential.
  4. Every person can be a pet person.

3. Tamar Arslanian

Image of Tamar Arslanian
Tamar is the super successful owner of She was raised pet-less, and only realized her love for cats thanks to her ex-boyfriend. She shares her home with 2 rescue cats! Kip and Haddie (in birth order).

She believes you can have a home that reflects your personal aesthetic while taking into consideration the needs of your cat. Tamar is one of the most active bloggers today, especially in social media and puts on her cat-fur-free black clothes as a symbol of honor. She just publish her highly talked about first book Shop Cats of New York

4. Pamela Merritt

Image of Pamela Merritt
What started as a hobby for Pamela soon became an incredible, multi-layered enterprise. This writer and blogger can really figure out what your feline is thinking. Pamela’s blog “Way Of Cats” is one of the leading online resources for cat lovers on the web subjects like cat food, cat litter, cat litter boxes and many more., because knowing their nature is key to both training and loving them.

5. Ingrid King

Image of Ingrid King
Ingrid King is the award winning author of five cat books, including Buckley’s Story: Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher, Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment, Feline Style, Tortitude: The BIG Book of Cats with a BIG attitude, and Adventures in Veterinary Medicine: What Working in Veterinary Hospitals Taught Me About Life, Love and Myself.

She is a former veterinary hospital manager. The Conscious Cat, is a comprehensive resource for conscious living, health, and happiness for cats and their humans, and has won multiple awards.

6. Layla Morgan Wilde

Image of Layla Morgan Wilde
Layla loves to entertain and educate interested audience with the most recent news, products and information about cats and their owners.

Layla Morgan Wilde, cat claimed professor and initiator of Cat Wisdom 101 is a devoted holistic kitten behaviorist who encourages cat adoption and conducts great product reviews. She is a fanatical advocate of promoting the human-feline bond and the embrace of special need cats.

7. Angie Bailey

Image of Angie Bailey
Angie Bailey is a proficient and award-winning humorist, author, social media consultant and blogger. She wrote the popular “Texts From Mittens”, “Whiskerslist: The Kitty Classifieds” and manages the Cats are Funny blog, among others.

She is also an enthusiastic writer in the Catster magazine, an active member of the CatCon Worldwide social media group and an independent social media advisor.

8. Kate Benjamin

Image of Kate Benjamin
Kate Benjamin, the cat styling expert was looking for stylish goods for her own pet cats in 2007. She had a hard time finding information on the subject and therefore started blogging at, summarizing her findings for the design-conscious feline people.

In the past few years, the feline design-loving scene grew and Kate became popular due to the personal interest for carefully studying cats and design. In 2009, Kate released her own brand of handmade cat products and in 2013 she created Hauspanther, bringing her designs for cats to individuals around the globe.

9. Diane Lovejoy

Image of Diane Lovejoy
Being a lady who owns many cats can sometimes bring along the occasional joke that she is the “cat lady.” In the new writing Cat Lady Chronicles, Houston-based writer Diane Lovejoy paints a brand new picture of who a cat lady truly is.

Lovejoy is the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston director of publications. Even though she has been involved longer in art than with cats, she manages to combine both worlds gracefully in her book.

10. Sandy Robins

Image of Sandy Robins

Sandy Robins is one of the leading multi-media celebrity pet lifestyle expert and influencer. Sandy discusses the great relationship between us and our cats, while outlining the trends and innovative thoughts as they happen.

Sandy has authored 4 cat books including The Original Cat Bible and her award-winning work can be seen on some of the nation’s leading pet platforms such as, as well as mainstream sites such as

11. Chloe DiVita

Image of Chloe DiVita
Chole Divita is the COE or Chief of everithing at BlogPaws  a Social Media Company focused on teaching pet enthusiasts, pet bloggers and all pet parents how to use social media effectively and responsibly

12. Marilyn Krieger

Image of Marilyn Krieger
Marilyn Krieger is a renown Certified Cat Behavior specialist recognized globally as The Cat Coach and an award-winning author. She is the author of the Book “Naughty No More!” which focuses on changing unappreciated behaviors through positive reinforcement.

She offers on-site, Skype and FaceTime consultation sessions. Marilyn offers her specialty services directly to customers as well as through veterinarian referrals. Her intelligent, high quality advice provides solutions to diverse behavioral issues for all breeds of cats.

13. Jeremy Greenberg

Image of Jeremy Greenberg
Felines never make any excuses for their actions. This is what Jeremy writes about, when composing his thoughts about cats in a comical fashion. He has become a best-selling author for this.

He is also part of the “Oh Behave Show” , narrating his latest writings. We recommend listening to him to learn what kitties really think about you. It’s hillarious 🙂

14. Marc-Andre

Image of Marc-Andre
Marc Andre said that there is something wonderful about welcoming a strange animal into your house. We couldn’t agree more! Andre preaches to always assessing your new pet’s medical condition.

He explains how to come up with plans to keep them healthy, happy and fit for the longest time possible. The plan should be according to a regular procedure which he outlines, together with your preferred veterinarian.

15. Lauren Merryfield

Image of Lauren Merryfield

A true inspiration, Lauren Merryfield has been living with disabilities and blindness all of her life.  But as they say, she “keeps on keeping on,” and amazingly knows how to handle the challenges of a the world – sometimes with help, sometimes alone.

She began writing cat stories and poems since grade school and has been published in several magazines . She also wrote the book “There’s More Than One Way to Love a Cat”. In her book she tells about how she was walking around Lake Harriet in Minneapolis with her pet. She accounts how people were consistently stopping to ask if she knew her pet was smiling.

This gave her the understanding of just how much joy that pet, together with the other animals she took care of, brought to her. She began listing spiritual insights she was having by living with and observing her pets – joy, love, creativity, and gratitude.  She wondered whether other individuals were receiving spiritual messages from their animals as well, which lead to the writing of her beautiful book. Certainly a must read for cat lovers.

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  1. Layla Morgan Wilde

    What a nice surprise to stumble on this by accident. I received an email about the list but the link didn’t work. Thanks for including CatWisdom101 and I’m excited to announce my nonprofit book, Black Cats Tell All: True Tales and Inspiring Images has expanded to include over 100 amazing cats from around the world. Review copies available in 2 weeks.