Tue. Jun 6th, 2023
Aloha Snapple 1

We all enjoy a good story that defies all expectations, and Kris Kaiser’s unwavering faith in an 11-month-old tuxedo kitty has made this one.

Because of a brain and spine condition, Snapple is unable to use his front legs. Kris disagreed with his veterinarians’ recommendation to put Snapple to sleep since he is an exuberant animal that loves life. Because of his extremely limited movement, he needs a lot of assistance to live a fulfilling life. Kris provides him with that assistance by escorting him on little excursions, such as strolls through locations where he obtains pets from random strangers. Kris had a custom cart manufactured for him, and as soon as he had it, he was off and running. Many cat lovers were moved by Snapple’s story, and Kris was chosen as the 2021 Arm & Hammer Unsung Hero Award Winner for AdvoCAT of the Year! The best news of all is that Snapple moved to Hawaii and was adopted!

He’s such a wonderful cat, and Kris hopes that his example will encourage others to view cats and kittens with disabilities in new ways.

Aloha Snapple
Aloha Snapple

The Life of a Cat Trapper

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