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Cat Eyes Cleaning: Guide

Cat eyes cleaning is something your kitty really needs, just as you need yourself. Although cat’s eyes are majestic and lovely, they occasionally develop a buildup of goop and grime in the corners. Normally, your picky cat will clean his little eyes all by himself, but occasionally, he could require assistance from his owners.

This “goop” should not be present in the eyes of cats in order to prevent any potential eye infections brought on by obstructed tear ducts. If you see that your cat’s eyes are watery, dirty, itchy, or covered with “eye boogers,” try out these easy-to-use cleaning techniques.

You can clean your cat’s eyes in a number of different ways.

Choose the approach that works best with your cat after reading the techniques listed below (and you).

Cat Eyes Cleaning Method #1: A Warm Washcloth

cat eyes cleaning washcloth

Use this technique to clean your cat eyes regularly. It’s particularly better suited for cats who naturally develop eye boogies or have minimal muck buildup.

What you’ll require is:

  • A tiny, delicate washcloth
  • Boiling or sterilized water (room temperature)

What to do:

Ask a buddy to lend you a hand or simply sit your cat comfortably on your lap.

Enter the clean water with the washcloth corner.

Clean your cat’s eyes of any debris and filth using a soft cloth (starting from inside corner of the eye and wiping outward).

Repeat every day if necessary.

Method #2: Cat Eyes Cleaning With Sterilized Water & Cotton Balls

cat eyes cleaning cotton

Try this cleansing technique on eyes that are more crusty and oozy.

What you’ll require is:

  • Cotton spheres (at least 3 per eye)
  • Cooled-to-room temperature boiled water
  • 1 or 2 spotless little bowls or cups

What to do:

Fill the 2 glasses or bowls with the clean water (or 1 bowl, does not need to be a large amount).

The cotton ball should be dipped in one of the cups or bowls to remove the crusty goo from your cat’s eye, and the other should be used for finishing the cleanup (with a different cotton ball for a different eye).

Cotton balls shouldn’t be used over and again. Using cotton balls for different eyes and two distinct cups of water to dip them in can help prevent any potential mingling or crossing of infections since one eye may have an infection while the other does not.

When finished, wipe away any remaining water droplets that might fall into the eye with a dry cotton ball.

Always wash and dry your hands before and after using.

Cat conjunctivitis may be present in your cat or kitten if the symptoms do not go away after cleaning and instead seem to be getting worse.

Method #3: Cat Eyes Cleaning Using Tea

cat eyes cleaning tea

Sometimes using simple tea at home will help remove the crusted boogers or watery muck around your cat’s eye. tea, I presume? Yes! Because tea’s tannic components have inherent antiviral and antibacterial qualities, vets frequently recommend it for cat eye infections.

What you’ll require is:

  • A moist, heated tea bag (green or black; “pure” or “plain” tea)
  • Cotton spheres

What to do:

Apply the warm, moist tea bag to the cat’s eye that needs treatment very gently.

If the crust is matted, let the hot tea bag soften it; do not prematurely remove the matted crust.

When the crust, gunk, or other obstruction becomes pliable, gently scrape it away with clean cotton balls until the eye is clean and discharge-free.

Tea tear drops can also be made using a very weak or diluted tea solution and used as needed or advised throughout the day.

In case of infection:

As much as you can avoid it, it’s crucial to prevent your cat’s eyes from becoming seriously infected. If the infection is not correctly treated, it could result in vision loss.

Despite being useful for daily use and in cases of mild-moderate eye goop, the aforementioned techniques shouldn’t take the place of a veterinarian’s advise.

It is recommended to go ahead and seek medical care from your veterinarian if your cat’s eyes are red, itchy, irritated, and have a lot of discharge. Your doctor may provide you with the necessary topical ointment needed to treat your cat’s eye infection.

Final Thoughts: Cat Eyes Cleaning

cat eyes cleaning drops

We at Fluffy Kitty hope you were able to effectively clean your cat’s eyes using some of these techniques! Keep in mind that it is always advisable to speak with your veterinarian first when in doubt.

Your cat’s health and security come first! I appreciate you reading and following Fluffy Kitty. Have inquiries or remarks? Please let us know; we’re eager to hear from you!

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