Tue. Jun 6th, 2023
Cat Health and Social Apps

Opening an app on your phone or tablet has become the standard step, whether you’re wanting to keep constantly connected to family and friends, handle financial transactions, or find out the day’s weather prediction. But did you know that you can expand your toolkit with a variety of cat-themed apps? Here are the top 10 cat-related applications you need to download right away.


Pet care is the focus of 11pets. The app can remind you when vaccines are due, track your cat’s vital signs, and let you keep track of any possible or ongoing medical concerns. It is designed to securely save your cat’s most sensitive personal data. For shelters and rescues searching for a one-stop site to organize all of their cat advocacy efforts, a spin-off version dubbed 11pets: Adopt improves the interface.

Cat Scanner

Cat Scanner performs a straightforward but important task: it determines a cat’s breed from a picture of the feline. The software makes an attempt to identify mixed breeds and includes information about each breed next to each result. You also have the opportunity to take a picture of your own face to find out exactly what kind of cat you actually resemble, which is obviously what you were going to do first.

Cat Training

Cats can be adorably picky and stubborn, but with a little patient persuasion, you can start to change undesirable behavior. Cat Training provides helpful training advice to improve your household peace by addressing issues like litter box mishaps, cat carrier phobia, and the rumored midnight zoomies.

Human-to-Cat Translator

Do you ever meow back at your cat when it makes a comment? Attempting to convert your human voice into feline noises, this audio analysis tool can help you and your cat communicate more effectively. Although translational accuracy can’t be strictly guaranteed, it’s fun to see how your cat responds to your freshly cat-filtered speech.

Mochj Cat

Have you used all of the cat emoticons that are pre-installed on your phone’s texting keyboard? With Mochj Cat’s 170 animated kitty stickers in kawaii style, up your communication game by enchanting friends. Highlights include cats eating sushi, cats peeking out of cardboard forts, and little kittens curled up on soft blankets.

Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid, a well praised software created by the American Red Cross, offers step-by-step medical guidance for a wide range of terrible conditions and difficulties. While a learning center enables you to brush up on 25 frequent pet issues, explanational photos and videos assist users in navigating both routine and emergency scenarios.


RelaxMyCat transmits custom feline audio soundtracks made for stressed and hyperactive cats in an effort to help your cat enter the peaceful zone. The software is structured so that you can look for specific circumstances to address, like coping with impending thunderstorms or being comfortable with grooming sessions, and it incorporates environmental noises into the musical fabric of the songs.


Despite its dog-centric moniker, the Rover app is a useful tool for finding dependable cat sitters when you need someone to visit your cat while you’re away from home. The app’s useful feature that lets you schedule a meet-and-greet in person before confirming a gig enables your feline queen to personally approve her temporary food servant.


Tabby is a cat-focused dating app that promises to connect people who are all about a life that incorporates felines. It is naturally marketed as a tool to find “the purrfect match.” There is an option on each profile to tell prospective partners as much about your cat’s personality as you do.

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