Tue. May 30th, 2023
Cat Superpowers: Here Are 6 Of Them

Cats would express their gratitude for their cat superpowers if asked what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving. Cats are particularly adept at applying the “what’s in it for me?” principle to both favorable and unfavorable situations. Cats appreciate each and every one. These six are listed below.

Cat Superpower #1: Shape-shifting

cat superpowers: cat shape shifting

How often have we questioned whether a cat could possibly fit into a little box? Most likely just once, because once we witness this superpower in action, we lose all skepticism.

Kittens have complete faith in their ability to fit their agile bodies into receptacles of nearly any size. They don’t mind having fluff and various appendages dangle beyond the lines even if they don’t fit exactly. A cat can squeeze himself into anything, no matter how little or weirdly shaped it is. Who wouldn’t be appreciative of that kind of adaptability and assurance?

Cat Superpower #2: X-ray vision

cat x ray vision

Cats can see through walls thanks to their ability of X-ray vision. It is real! How else would they know that we need their “help” to put fresh sheets on the bed? How were they able to open a bathroom door on one side of the home while they were in a dead sleep on the other? X-ray vision is the only possible explanation. Cats will always be appreciative.

Cat Superpower #3: Manipulation

cat manipulation

Kittens are expert manipulators, and they use this superpower like strong, obnoxious little soldiers. Seriously, who is more adept at managing our emotions and ideas than cats?

When we start reading a book, a cat suddenly appears on top of the pages and steals the show. How did that come about? How rapidly, too?

Of course, since we’ve been led to believe that this is what we wanted all along, we comply with pets and cuddles. How conceited are we to believe we have perfect autonomy? Cats are aware of the truth and appreciative of it.

Cat Superpower #4: ESP

cat esp

How can cats predict our arrival at home before we even enter our driveway? They are unable to read clocks, yet they are well aware of mealtimes, and they stare at us until we give them food. How can we explain their perception that the moment is right for midnight zoomies just as we are dozing off? There is just one viable theory: ESP. Extrasensory awareness is an ability that all cats share, and we’re grateful for how often they use it to annoy and scare us.

Cat Superpower #5: Invisibility

cat invisibility

Cats have the supernatural ability to become invisible. Alternatively, they believe they do, and we agree with them. Behind a window curtain, “concealed,” the entire length of the tail exposed? Invisible! Behind a fruit bowl while “hiding” on the kitchen counter? Invisible! On Thanksgiving, when they climb atop the dining room table and utilize their invisibility cloak to get some turkey parts and dinner rolls, they are extremely grateful for their superpower.

Cat Superpower #6: Therapy

therapy cat

One superpower that we humans all value is a cat’s capacity to recognize our emotions and provide the ideal form of “therapy.” They come in for a snuggle when they notice we are depressed or ill. They perch directly on top of us and are aware when we are exerting ourselves too hard, which causes us to slow down and unwind. They give us a kind glance that reassures us that everything will be OK just as we begin to believe that our lives are in full disarray. Who wouldn’t appreciate that?

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