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Do cats like to be kissed?

There is a lot of debate among cat owners and experts regarding whether cats can feel love. Do cats like to be kissed? Understanding how cats communicate is the finest method to show how much you care about them and how they show their love for you.


  • While not all cats want to be kissed, those that do understand that this is how their owners show their love and loyalty.
  • There are many methods to express your love and affection for your cat, including touching, grooming, feeding, and putting up with head butts, licking, and rubbing.

Therefore, do they feel love? We are unable to be sure. The question of whether cats enjoy kisses frequently arises from cat owners’ worries about the best methods to show their pet that they care. There isn’t a simple answer, and it often depends on the cat. Like us, our feline ancestors have a variety of ways to show and accept affection.

Because cats perceive emotions and show affection very differently from people, they do not understand kisses in the same way. Though many cats are aware that a person uses a kiss to convey love and affection.

Some cats will like it, but not all of them. You’ll soon be able to identify your cat’s category based on how it responds to a kiss! Understanding the significance behind your cat’s body language and behavior is essential. So let’s look into how kissing and affectionate expressions are done by cats in more depth.

How Do Cats Express Affection?

Do cats like to be kissed?
Cats use body language to express their love and affection for one another and for people.

Cats communicate their love and affection for one another and for people through body language. Although they don’t kiss in the traditional sense, they have a variety of different ways to express their love.

Most cats prefer to stay close to the people they value and form close relationships with their owners. When they are separated from you, they will show distress and a strong want to be with you. When they are close to you, they will act in ways that convey satisfaction and contentment.

Cats show their affection by:

  • Kneading
  • headbutting
  • licking
  • rubbing
  • using their tails
  • slowly blinking their eyes open and close
  • sleeping on or near to the people they love

A cat will headbutt and rub you to identify you as its own. They identify you as a member of their social group and show their affection for you by leaving their scent on you in the form of pheromones from the scent glands on their cheeks and lips.

A cat’s lick, which is actually a grooming procedure that they normally save for other felines, is the closest thing to a kiss they can deliver. By licking or grooming you, your cat can show you that they value and appreciate you as a part of their social group.

A cat’s non-verbal way of showing its devotion for you is by slowly blinking its eyes across the room, as most cat owners are familiar with.

Do Cats Like To Be Kissed?

Do cats like to be kissed?
Cats will respond positively to you if they enjoy being kissed.

Cats will respond positively to you if they enjoy being kissed. They may display some of the following behaviors in addition to projecting a serene and pleased countenance through their body language:

  • Blinking slowly whilst looking at you
  • Lifting their head or leaning forward
  • Purring
  • Head butting
  • Rubbing
  • Licking
  • Lifting their tail
  • Wrapping their tail around you

Do Cats Understand Kisses?

Do cats like to be kissed?
Cats are capable of understanding that kisses are a show of love even if they don’t normally deliver them.

Cats are capable of understanding that kisses are a show of love even if they don’t normally deliver them. For cats, rubbing their scent on someone else is the same as receiving affection in return. Cats may interpret human kisses as physical touch and the imprinting of our scent in a manner similar to this.

How Do I Know If My Cat Likes Being Kissed or Not?

Do cats like to be kissed?
If your cat doesn’t want to be kissed, they’ll let you know right away.

If your cat doesn’t want to be kissed, they’ll let you know right away. These signs point to their disinterest in receiving this display of affection:

  • Vocalization/meows
  • Hissing
  • Ears flat and back
  • Swatting or swiping at you
  • Fast flicking of the tail

If your cat displays any of these actions while you are kissing them, you should pause and move away to give them some space. Continue kissing them or doing something else that makes them uneasy may lead to extra tension and perhaps weaken your bond with your pet.

You should still pay attention to the signals your cat gives you when they don’t like something, even though it would obviously take a lot of these unpleasant interactions for your cat to get to this point.

Kissing Tips For Cats

Do cats like to be kissed?
Before kissing your cat, there are a few things you should consider to make sure you are both respecting their space and protecting your health.

There are a few things you should think about before kissing your cat to ensure that you are both respecting their space and safeguarding your health. The following are our suggestions for kissing your cat.

1. Never kiss a cat on the lips; this can be considered an excessive breach of your cat’s privacy. Second, cats can transmit bacteria and parasites to people through their saliva. So it’s recommended to never kiss your cat in the mouth area!

2. Don’t stray too far from the path and approach an unknown cat. It’s best to hold off on giving a cat a kiss until you get to know them and they get to know you because not all cats appreciate it.

3. Keep children from petting cats; even though they may love time with their pet, it’s crucial to teach them appropriate behavior and how to respect a cat’s space. A kid is more likely to receive a facial scratch from a cat who dislikes being kissed if they are less tolerant of children.

Other Ways To Show Your Cat Love

Do cats like to be kissed?
There is no cause for alarm or disappointment if your cat is not a fan of kissing. Not all cats are affectionate.

There are plenty more ways to show your cat how much you care, including: Not all cats are kissers, so if your cat fits this description, you shouldn’t be worried or discouraged.

  • Petting
  • Grooming
  • Giving treats and food
  • Talking to your cat
  • Returning and maintaining eye contact
  • Slow eye blinks at your cat

If you allow your cat the flexibility to show their love and devotion however they see fit, they’ll know you respect, value, and care about them.

Final Thoughts

Do cats like to be kissed?
Kisses are not normally part of a cat’s body language, but our feline family members are capable of understanding a kiss as a message of love and affection.

Although a cat’s body language does not typically include kisses, our feline family members are capable of interpreting a kiss as a sign of love and affection. Even while cats and humans don’t communicate in the same ways, they can learn to understand a kiss, and many cats like getting one.

If your cat purrs, lifts his head, headbutts you, rubs his body or tail around you, or tries to get closer to you, you’ll know he enjoys your kisses. Kissing your cat, though, might not be the best approach to win it over; some cats don’t enjoy being kissed and would much rather be petted, groomed, and fed.

You may also show your cat love and attention by allowing them to kiss, headbutt, and rub up against you because this is how they spread their fragrance from their scent glands to you.


Do cats feel when you kiss them?

Even while not all cats do, those who do will accept a kiss as a token of our affection. Cats enjoy being close to the people they love because it makes them feel safe and at ease, and it can help to strengthen our relationship with them.

What do cats think about kissing?

It’s challenging to know with confidence what our cats are thinking. However, many cats enjoy receiving kisses and value this kind of attention. You’ll soon be able to tell that the other cats don’t like it by their body language.

How do I tell my cat I love her?

You may show your cat that you care for them by petting, grooming, giving and receiving headbutts, and kissing, licking, and rubbing them.

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