Sat. Mar 25th, 2023
Kitty Litter Training

Kitty litter training, something you imagine can’t be really possible. Well, it is.

Fortunately, a kitten has a strong instinct to bury or conceal its excrement. Your kitten will probably pick it up quickly if you set up a nice litter box.

According to Jessica Watson, team lead For Cat World and trained animal training and enrichment professional with Best Friends Animal Society, “I can only remember of two or three that needed help litter training.” “Solo kittens are the hardest because their siblings can’t aid them,”

Kitty Litter Training Tools

By adhering to these basic guidelines, you can help your kitten succeed: Have at least one box for each cat plus one, and make sure they are spacious and simple to enter (kittens may need a lower box or a ramp). It’s worth investigating this box from PETFUSION (41.10, Amazon). Use a soft, unscented litter, like as this one from OKOCAT (16.99, Chewy), and place the boxes in quiet areas away from eating and sleeping.

petfusion kitty litter
okocat unscented cat litter

If your kitten has an accident, keep your cool, try not to express your irritation, and clean up the mess right away.

The kitten isn’t intentionally acting this way, which is why Jessica calls them “accidents.” If the mess can be moved to the litter box, I advise doing so because your cat will learn where to go by marking the box with his scent.

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