Tue. Jun 6th, 2023
kitty styles

Snoop Dogg, a renowned musician, entrepreneur, media personality, and founder of the Snoop Youth Football League, has launched a new clothing and accessory line called Snoop Doggie Doggs for his animal companions (and us!) Right before the 2022 Christmas season, a range of dog and cat attire, accessories, and plush toys was introduced. These items were inspired by Snoop’s hip-hop lifestyle.

Robert Brandegee, head of Little Earth Productions, the company that collaborated with Snoop Dogg, claims that Snoop is a passionate animal lover who has several dogs at home. Every pet has a distinctive personality and endearing qualities, as any pet parent who has more than one knows. Snoop was the ideal collaborator for us because he added his personal knowledge of each to the line’s development.

Snoop Doggie Doggs wants to inspire pet owners to indulge their animals and make them live like rap royalty in everyday situations.

In addition to drawing inspiration from some of Snoop’s most memorable fashion outfits, Robert explains, “we attempted to infuse Snoop’s mood, sense of humor, and authenticity in all of the entertaining things available within the brand.

The unusual selection includes clothing, bowls, collars, cuddly toys, and more. Additionally, expect 2023 to bring us beds, pet carriers, treats, and much more. Learn more at snoopdoggiedoggs.com.

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