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While all cats are excellent at grooming themselves, long-haired cats in particular require assistance to avoid matting and manage their natural shedding. Indoor cats, particularly those that live in homes with both heat and air conditioning, may constantly shed because the temperature adjustments throw off their biological clock.

Rule No. 1

The primary guideline for long-haired cats is straightforward. A cat need upkeep more frequently the more hair it has. Furthermore, “more hair” refers to more than just increased length; it also refers to the density and “fluffiness” of the hair.

Long-Haired Cat Grooming Secrets
Long-Haired Cat Grooming Secrets

The National Cat Groomers Institute teacher Lynn Paolillo, CFMG, CFCG, says long-haired felines need to have their fur combed several times a week to keep it from matting.
The following regions have a tendency to mat the quickest:

  • armpits
  • chest
  • belly
  • rear legs
  • tail
  • base of tail leading up the back

Use a comb

When it comes to removing knots and tangles, combs work best, according to Lynn. “De-shedding rakes and slicker brushes are too abrasive for delicate kitty skin. They may harm hair, which accelerates the formation of mats.

A metal comb with fine to medium-sized teeth that is 6 to 8 inches long is advised by the National Cat Groomers Institute. This comb won’t irritate a cat’s sensitive skin while removing dead coat and catching all the tangles and mats that are concealed underneath.

A rubber curry brush delivers a very pleasant massage in addition to being excellent for removing loose hair.

Bath or grooming wipe

Even while bathing can help remove loose hair, most pet owners forego this procedure unless they are grooming their cat for the show ring. This is because most cats dislike water and find it unpleasant. Try cat-specific grooming wipes if you want to assist your feline friend in becoming clean.

Dealing with mats

This process is quite delicate. It is relatively simple to cut into the flesh that is concealed behind the mat if you use small, pointed scissors to cut into the mat. It is best to operate only on the mat’s surface using specialized blunt-nosed scissors as you slowly pull the hair apart. A professional cat groomer or a veterinary clinic should address any truly severe clumping and matting.

We may thank our gorgeous long-haired cats for the phrase “glam-puss.” They personify the excitement surrounding having impeccable grooming and gorgeous hair. But it takes a lot of manual grooming to be stunning.

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