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singapura facts

Quick Facts

  • Weight: 6 – 7 pounds | male
    4 – 5 pounds | female
  • Height: 6-8 inches

The Singapura’s Look

The Singapura has large, almond-shaped eyes, a tabby “M” on the forehead, a small, round face, and a blunt snout, giving it the appearance of a mini-cheetah. Although it has a small frame, it is muscular and appears heavier than it is.

The Singapura is blessed with a low-maintenance brown-ticked coat that just requires a monthly wipe down with a moist washcloth to maintain its best appearance. There is no undercoat on it.

The coat is short, smooth, and only available in sepia (dark brown), with ticking fur.

Males typically weigh between 6 and 8 pounds, while females range from 4 to 6 pounds.


  • One of the most petite cat breeds
  • Look like tiny cheetahs
  • Active throughout their lives
  • Wash-and-wear coat
  • Highly intelligent

Ideal Human Companion

  • Active singles
  • Families

What It’s Like to Live With Them

Because of their tremendous desire to remain with the people they have chosen, they are sometimes referred to as “Velcro cats.” They enjoy playing interactive games and taking laps in equal measure. Likewise enjoys pawing faces to rouse people in the morning.

Does well in busy families with additional pets to keep them entertained while you’re at work.

Extremely chatty, engaged, and inquisitive. Always tries to insist on helping you with a project and never seems to tire or slow down.

Welcomes visitors with a smile and does well in a busy home. Keep an eye on this tiny cat because it can flee via a door easily. Always attach an ID tag to the collar of your cat in addition to an ID chip.

Benefits from having strong, tall cat trees to climb and take in the surroundings.

Things to Be Aware Of

The Singapura cat can readily locate a little hiding place due to their small size and excessive curiosity, therefore pet-proof your home before bringing this cat home.

The Singapura is quite warm for its small size and might feel like a satin heating pad when placed on your lap.

Singapura History

The exact origins of this breed, which were reportedly born in Singapore’s streets, are unknown.

In 1975, after returning to the US from living in Singapore, Hal and Tommy Meadow of California imported the first four Singapuras. Tommy worked tirelessly with her husband Hal to promote the Singapura breed in North America. She was a top cat breeder of Abyssinians, Burmese, and Siamese as well as an all-breed judge.

In Singapore, the Singapura is promoted as the country’s tourism emblem, and statues of this breed may be seen along the Singapore River.

The Cat Fanciers Association, which gave this rare breed championship status in 1988, lists 41 breeds and ranks them in popularity, with this uncommon breed coming in at number 32.

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