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The Best Cat Travel Accessories: Ultimate Guide

Can a cat accompany you on a trip? Oh, yeah, but only with the essential cat travel accessories! We are live proof that it is possible, and our cat gives our international journeys even greater significance.

But we’ve found that having the right cat travel gear may make all the difference when it comes to making your feline travelers feel safe & comfortable.

In fact, this is one of our top recommendations when people inquire how to train a cat to travel.

We’ve compiled a list of the necessities you’ll need for traveling the globe with your pet by car, plane, or foot in order to assist new adventure kitties.

These items can make traveling with your cat much easier for both of you as pet owners.

The Cat Travel Accessories List

Every cat travel kit ought to contain:

  • Carrier
  • Travel meals (& food)
  • Carrier of water (& fresh water)
  • Bedding
  • Traveling cat litter box or tray
  • Windowed cat backpack
  • Harness & Leash
  • Portable toys
  • Medical kit
  • Important documents

We’ll go through all the top cat travel equipment in the section below, along with some useful advice. We’ll also add our personal recommendations for each of them. will get you and your feline travel buddy ready for a peaceful and happy journey!

  1. Cat-centric: With their welfare in mind, we select goods that are especially suited for cats. We select goods that are focused on their security and enjoyment, enabling them to satiate their natural urges in beneficial ways.
  2. Eco-friendly: With the health of the planet’s environment in mind, we always search for the most sustainable choices. Even though nobody is ever flawless, our decisions can have an impact, and we try to reflect this in our recommendations.
  3. Accessible: We all enjoy spoiling our pets, but what that means to each of us varies. In order to cater to the needs of all cat lovers in our community, we offer a variety of solutions at various pricing points.

1. Cat Carrier

Cat Travel Accessories Cat Carrier

Although you might not think you need one if you are traveling in your RV, a cat carrier can be very useful even if you aren’t flying. You never know when you’ll need to take your cat to the vet or confine it for another reason.

Because of this, I choose options that are both tremendously robust and light. Bonus points if they fall over as well!

Our go-to all-purpose carrier is the Mr. Peanut’s Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier. A great solution for pet parents looking for a good deal, something inflatable and collapsible, and something that is also accepted by airlines!

My other excellent recommendation? If you are only carrying a little amount of luggage, a cat backpack might double as both a carrier and a backpack.

2. Travel Meals 

Cat Travel Accessories travel meals

You require meals for travel that are compact, strong enough to withstand your excursions, and lightweight.

The best solution if you’re traveling or hiking is a collapsible bowl. Once more, I prefer the Simple SLSON Collapsing Bowl since it’s lightweight, highly durable, and incredibly easy to clean. You are also covered if you need it to be readily available or if you can’t fit it anywhere because it comes with a handy clip.

It’s possible that you’d choose a longer-term solution if you were traveling in an RV or camper. For this, I would advise using a thin, non-slip dish. This Beco substitute is nice since it is made of sturdy, sustainable bamboo and has a low rim that is ideal for whiskers. Also holding the bowl in place from the bottom are sticky rubber cushions.

I occasionally add a non-slip mat for an additional layer of travel security for those bumpier trips. The Bohemian Pet Food Mat is a triumph on many fronts. In addition to being grippy, waterproof, and made of recyclable materials, it is also rather adorable.

3. Carrier of Water

Cat Travel Accessories cat water bottle

When traveling, fresh water should always be accessible, especially on longer journeys. A good pet water bottle is the first thing on my list of cat travel accessories for cars.

This pet water bottle excels because to its ample capacity and practical carrying options. In other words, you won’t feel heavy down while getting the most out of each refill.

Additionally, it is made of easily removable sections for cleaning and is recyclable and BPA-free.

I really like the Kong stainless steel alternatives, especially in warm climates, despite the fact that they are designed for dogs. These are slightly bigger, but they cool down quite slowly, which is perfect for a fluffy cat on a hot day. You may attach it to your belt when walking because it has a clip.

PS: It’s a good idea to check the water’s purity and hygienic standards before filling your bottle.

4. Bedding

Cat Travel Accessories wool cat bed

There will be plenty of downtime after a long day of traveling. To feel at home everywhere, your cat needs comfortable bedding that is neither bulky nor unsupportive.

This handwoven Wool Pet Bed is a great option for campers and RVs because of its compact size, light weight, and washability. However, it’s also soft enough to provide your cat a ton of comfort and robust enough to offer stability.

If you require something even more adventure-friendly, our Travel Pet Blanket shrinks into a little ball. In case you need it, it also includes water resistance on one side.

5. Traveling Cat Litter Box

Cat Travel Accessories Traveling cat litter box

Probably the most difficult part of traveling with a cat is toilet time.

According to this portable stress free litter box, it’s a game changer. Another necessary tool that is compact and lightweight so you may bring it everywhere you go and utilize it as needed

A strong waterproof lining also enables easy cleaning and leak-free use. Phew!

We prefer cat backpacks that include window options or openings so your cat may take in the surrounding surroundings while you travel because they are perfect for doing so together.

6. Cat Backpack 

Cat Travel Accessories cat backpack

We prefer cat backpacks that include window options or openings so your cat may take in the surrounding surroundings while you travel because they are perfect for doing so together.

Check out the Henkelion Cat Backpack:

  • Given that it can sustain up to 15 pounds, even bigger cat breeds can enjoy a ride on your back.
  • The harness clip allows your cat to comfortably hang out or peek out.
  • It is comfy to wear even on lengthy treks and trips.

7. Harness & Leash

Cat Travel Accessories cat harness

Our cats can travel with us on our local trips because we are always on the lookout for the newest and best cat harnesses. We look for harnesses that are reliable, not overly large, cozy, and consistently stylish. They ought to be simple to put on as well.

Supakit‘s leashes are strong, durable, easy to handle, and appropriate for a range of activities. They also have a really smart retractable option for providing your cat a bit more freedom.

8. Portable Toys

Cat Travel Accessories cat toys

It’s equally important to keep cats entertained while traveling. especially if you are imprisoned for an extended period of time or only briefly.

To make your cat feel more at home wherever you go, it’s a good idea to bring some of their favorite belongings with you. But be careful; it’s always better to leave anything substantial behind and carry only your smaller toys.

It’s a great idea to keep your luggage light while still giving your cat access to necessary claw sharpening by using a scratching pad that is recyclable or compostable, like these 3 in 1 Scratch Pads.

Making eco-friendly fortress toys or treat dispensers for your feline buddy out of any leftover cardboard, such toilet paper rolls or boxes, is a great idea to do while you’re out and about.

 9. First Aid Kit 

Cat Travel Accessories cat first aid kit

I usually make sure to include some cat-specific first aid supplies to add to my personal first aid kit because being prepared always pays off.

Bandages that won’t harm pets, tape, and antiseptic must all be present.

If you’d prefer to have an entire pack specifically for your beloved friend, the Pet Products Pocket First Aid Kit is a fantastic choice and comes in a really handy clip bag. Even though it is portable, it still provides everything you need to feel safe and prepared in case of an accident.

10. Essential Documents 

Which packing nightmare is the worst? Right now, as the boarding gate is closing, you are looking for your passport.

As a result, I keep the information that is essential to my cat in a protected, waterproof document holder that is also wonderfully easy to use and safe.

The Extras

Cat Travel Accessories pet life jacket

Depending on where you’re going (a mountain trail or a city beach break) and how you’re getting there (a road trip in the RV or a flight on a pet-friendly airline), your list of necessities may vary.

The aforementioned list contains all you require, but if you have any specific destinations, activities, or needs in mind, the following items can be useful to include in your kitty travel kit list:

  • Pet wipes – biodegradable wipes are a terrific environmentally friendly choice to keep your cat tidy and hygienic while they’re out and about.
  • Life jacket – A life jacket is also necessary for your cat when kayaking or boating!
  • Cool bag – Having a cool bag to preserve food at a safe temperature is a terrific idea if you feed to keep things fresh. These tiny washable bags are great because they are so simple to pack.
  • Stroller – extremely useful for local excursions or senior cats.
  • Natural supplements & calming music – If you have a tense cat, calming scents like pet-safe lavender oil can be helpful.

Cat Travel Accessories Conclusion

So there you have it! Our in-depth guide to the essential cat travel gear. We wish you luck in your search for the appropriate piece of luggage to expand your collection and go on many wonderful travels with you. Any questions? Do you have any travel tips of your own? Please communicate them to us.

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