Tue. Jun 6th, 2023
The Life of a Cat Trapper

Through movies, the charity organization I Film Heroes promotes adoption of cats and dogs around the globe. The filmmakers share their work on social media platforms like YouTube, giving viewers the chance to watch and share in order to help the nonprofit’s message go viral. The filmmakers use storytelling to inform the public on rescue topics like fostering, volunteering, and adopting, to name just a few. The movies may be seen as both entertainment and education, making them an excellent resource for individuals who want to become involved but are unsure of how.

The Life of a Cat Trapper, the first film in the group’s new film series set in rural cities, is its most recent endeavor and emphasizes the value of trap-neuter-return in the cat community. Cristian Ruben, a filmmaker and co-creator of I Film Heroes, spent time with Sue from the Good Mews Animal Foundation in Georgia. Sue traps neighborhood cats, transports them there for spaying and neutering, and then releases the cats back into their neighborhood.

“I will always be grateful for the chance I got to document the entire life of a cat trapper,” adds Cristian. “What I learnt has allowed me to advocate for rescue animals from a much deeper place,” the author says.

He makes the point that Sue’s work with TNR gives communities more chances to become better informed and attract more cats to adoption, foster care, or just simple outdoor care.

Cristian hopes that the movie will alter public perceptions on neighborhood cats. “The same cats will learn that they may be cared for by members of that same community,” the author writes. “Some neighbors could deem them a nuisance merely because of their presence throughout the neighborhood.” These cats can live out their lives in a place where they are content and comfortable because of TNR, which prevents them from contributing to the overpopulation issue.

Learn more at ifilmheroes.com and watch the film on YouTube at youtube.com/watch?v=7_NzIeth9fY.

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