Sat. Mar 25th, 2023
Why is Kitty So Mad

Recently, a very perplexed cat parent called us for assistance. It appeared like her cat had decided to attack anyone at random, including the cat parent, other cats, and the dog. The family was baffled by this unusual conduct because the cat had always been a loving and sweet creature. The cat’s mother chose to schedule a behavior session with us at Cat Behavior Alliance after consulting with their veterinarian to rule out any potential medical problems.

Why is Kitty So Mad

During our Zoom conversation, as we probed her about the cat’s behavior, it became abundantly evident why the behavior was “bad”: This was a typical instance of misdirected aggression. What was kitty’s actual motivation for being hostile? The cat was driven insane by the sight of the new neighbors’ cats playing outside in the yard. Cats are constantly on the lookout for potential predators, and there was one just next door that the cat could see but not approach. Kitty had directed her rage toward any being that was close enough to touch since she was unable to attack the real cause of her annoyance and suffering.

What is redirected aggression in cats?

One of the most prevalent behavioral problems in cats is displaced aggression, also known as redirected aggression. Simply simply, the cat was scared by what had transpired, and its innate survival instincts took control. It is the ancient “fight or flight” instinct that prevents cats from becoming the next meal for a predator in the wild.

The cat may decide that fighting with another indoor cat, a dog friend, or even people is required to survive if it can’t get to the main target of anger. Consider how human beings occasionally misuse their wrath. A dad who had a difficult day at work could yell at the kids when he gets home. He is actually more angry at his boss than the kids, but he is unable to control it. It is not a choice of the heart. Anxiety starts to surface and needs to be released! Cat displaced aggression operates in the similar manner.

So, what is my cat mad about?

What possibly be causing your generally amiable cat’s misguided aggressive behavior? Any perceived threat to your cat’s resources or territory could drive him to become aggressive, and his inability to confront the real threat could cause him to misdirect his survival response.

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