Cat Food Recalls

Stay aware and up to date with’ cat food recall tool. Our database includes recalls of pet food, treats, feed, and supplements dating back to 2017. You’ll find both mandatory and voluntary recalls initiated by the FDA or at the manufacturer’s discretion.

If you’d like to find recalls of a specific brand, use the search tool to find out if it’s on the list. You may sort by date (newest to oldest) or by brand (results are shown in alphabetical order). Click on the recall heading for more details.

What Should You Do If Your Cat’s Food Is Recalled?

If you confirm that your cat’s food has been recalled, here are four steps to follow:

Step 1: Stop.

Immediately withdraw the potentially-affected food. Switch to an unaffected lot or a similar product from another brand. Sudden dietary changes are difficult for some cats, but a hard stop is the only prudent choice in this situation.

Step 2: Record and save.

Don’t throw everything away just yet.

Instead, take clear photos of the food’s packaging, UPC code, lot number, and best-by date. Additionally, save a small amount of the food and freeze it in an air-tight container. If your cat gets sick, you can submit this sample to a laboratory for testing. Take notes on when your cat last ate the food and, if possible, how much he ate.

Once you’ve collected a sample and taken down all the important details, you may throw away any remaining food and packaging.

Step 3: Report.

Contact the company to tell them that you’re in possession of the recalled product. You may be reimbursed for the problem food and, if your cat gets sick, the company will know about it.

Remember that the announcement isn’t the end of the recall story. In the weeks and months after a product is recalled, the FDA and manufacturer will continue to investigate what caused the problem and how many pets were affected. Your report is an important part of that story.

Step 4: Observe.

Stay vigilant, watching your cat for any behavioral changes or symptoms of illness. The recall announcement might detail the typical symptoms associated with the problem food, so be particularly aware of those. If you notice any signs of illness, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Want To Report A Cat Food Complaint?

If you suspect that your cat’s food or treats are contaminated or unsafe, submit a report to both the manufacturer and FDA. If the FDA receives enough evidence of a problem, it will ask or order the company to recall the affected foods.

Click here to visit the FDA’s guide to reporting a pet food complaint.