101 Wild And Exotic Cat Names

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For the cats that are extraordinary and something special, a normal cat name like Whiskers or Mittens will simply not do. Here are 101 of the best wild and exotic cat names for you to pick from.

Male Cat Names

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Dante- Hero of literary legend.

  1. Saber- This French word means sword
  2. Moses- This uncommon Hebrew name speaks of wisdom and power.
  3. Boldness- This is a great name for a brave cat.
  4. Jupiter- This was the name of a Roman god of war.
  5. Zeus- This was the most powerful Greek god.
  6. Lancelot- This knightly name was that of one of King Arthur’s soldiers.
  7. Merlin- A wizard in King Arthur stories.
  8. Ulrich- Russian word that means wolf.
  9. Dante- Hero of literary legend.
  10. Hercules- This Greek god’s name should be reserved for strong cats.
  11. Buddha- Appropriate for larger cats.
  12. Hermes- A speedy Greek god that is suitable for fast cats.
  13. Jett- Named after the black precious stone.
  14. Phoenix- Like the fiery bird of mythology that constantly comes back to life.
  15. Mekhi- This is the Russian version of Michael.

Hercules- This Greek god’s name should be reserved for strong cats.

  1. Ramses- This is the name of an Egyptian god.
  2. Balthazar- This is a strong name for a male cat.
  3. Shem- A Hebrew who was the son of the Biblical Noah.
  4. Napoleon- Name your bossy cat after the conqueror.
  5. Genghis Khan- Or you could go with this conqueror.
  6. Leonardo- Named after the painter or the ninja turtle.
  7. Jibri- This Arabic form of Gabriel is a strong name.
  8. Enzo- It is an Italian name with the same meaning as Henry.
  9. Hans- This Dutch name means graciousness.
  10. Mercury- Like the ancient god or the metal.
  11. Quicksilver- Another metallic name that is great for a fast cat.

Siri- Forget the AI and call your cat this name that means tiger.

  1. Sylvester- This Italian name is the name of a movie star and a cartoon character.
  2. Asher- This Hebrew name means happy.
  3. Piper- This British name means just what you think it does- a piper player.
  4. Ugo- This is a Nigerian name for eagles.
  5. Siri- Forget the AI and call your cat this name that means tiger.
  6. Ninja- You could name your dark cat after a Japanese warrior.
  7. Samurai- This is another great Japanese name for a cat, thanks to their sharp claws.
  8. Raptor- Good hunters could be named after the dangerous dinosaur.
  9. Zigzag- This a great name for cats with unusual patterns on them.
  10. Verdun- This is a good name for tortoiseshell cats, as it means green.
  11. Panda- A great name for black and white cats.

Rocco- This tough-sounding Italian name actually means rest.

  1. Kameko- This Japanese name means a superior creature, as many cats feel they are.
  2. Leonidas- This king’s name is a wonderful play on lions.
  3. Rasputin- You could name your exotic cat after the Russian prognosticator.
  4. Prewitt- This odd name means a small but brave creature.
  5. Soren- This powerful name means thunder.
  6. Norm- This name means from the North.
  7. Axel- This cool name means someone who likes peace.
  8. Zane- Is a Hebrew form of John.
  9. Orion- This is the name of a mightier hunter in astronomy.
  10. Rocco- This tough-sounding Italian name actually means rest.
  11. Lazarus- This name is often associated with being raised from the dead. Exotic indeed!
  12. Maverick- This name means someone who plays by their own rules.
  13. Simba- This African name become far more popular after the movie The Lion King.
  14. Xander- This is short form of the Greek name Alexander.

Girl Names

Priya- This Sanskrit word means love.

  1. Katana- Here is a Japanese word for sword.
  2. Guinevere- This was the name of King Arthur’s wife.
  3. Morgan le Fey- This is the name of a powerful witch in Arthurian legend.
  4. Lotus- A kind of Japanese flower.
  5. Priya- This Sanskrit word means love.
  6. Ambrosia- This is the Spanish word for divine.
  7. Nova- This Latin name means star or newness.
  8. Angelika- This is a form of the word angel.
  9. Antoinette– This French name means very praiseworthy.
  10. Akila- This is an Egyptian name meaning wise.
  11. Zaliki- This exotic name means well born.
  12. Svana- This is an Icelandic name meaning swan.
  13. Raquel- This Hebrew moniker means innocent.
  14. Nur- This Arabic name means light.
  15. Layla- Is considered a musical name which means night child.

Antoinette- This French name means very praiseworthy.

  1. Coco- This French name means help or helper.
  2. Dita- This fun name means happy fighting in Czech.
  3. Naomi- This is a Hebrew name that is associated with wisdom and kindness.
  4. Nia- This is actually one of the days of Kwanza.
  5. Christmas- This is such a cute name for a white cat.
  6. Pandora- This mythological character’s name is criminally underused, we think.
  7. Ziva- This Israeli name is one of the days of the nation’s independence celebration.
  8. Nefertiti- This is an Egyptian goddess’ name.
  9. Sofia- This popular name comes from Greek culture.
  10. Adeline- German name meaning nobility.
  11. Odine- This Latin name means wise lady.
  12. Parthena- A name that means purity, and that is great for white or single-colored cats.

Odine- This Latin name means wise lady.

  1. Siona- This Indian name translates as star.
  2. Sadira- It is the Persian word for lotus plant.
  3. Nadia- This is a beautiful Russian name.
  4. Fanaka- This Swahili name means generous.
  5. Dondi- This means a royal or regal lady, and many cats act like they are indeed royalty.
  6. Calithea- This exotic name means beauty.
  7. Penelope- Is a beautiful Spanish name.
  8. Sage- This name means wise.
  9. Aislin- This Irish name means vision.
  10. Bodhi- This is the name of a tree.
  11. Fleur- This French word means flower.
  12. Flavia- This Italian word means blonde or golden.
  13. Jemima- This beautiful Hebrew name means dove.
  14. Kali- Is an African name meaning energetic.
  15. Leonora- Is ancient Greek for light.
  16. Olympia- Named after Mount Olympus in Greece.
  17. Selene- is a Greek name with connotations of the moon.
  18. Luna- This Spanish word means moon.
  19. Yolanda- A Greek name that means flower.
  20. Valda- This Latin moniker means brave.
  21. Talia- This exquisite Hebrew names means dew of heaven.
  22. Taj- A word in Sanskrit that means crown.
  23. Reza- This Persian name means will.

Did one of those names stick out for you? We hope you find a few that tickle your fancy and seem like the perfect name for your amazing feline friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rarest cat names?

Surprise your furry friend with a unique name like Tisiphone, Ragnar, Velvet, Bernadette, Madrigal, Muse, Saoirse, Bard, Jericho, Pirate, or Willoughby - all of which are some of the rarest cat names out there!

These names are sure to make your cat stand out from the crowd and give them a unique identity. They will be the envy of all the other cats in the neighborhood!

What are fancy names for cats?

Treat your cat like royalty with fancy titles from the British peerage such as King, Queen, Prince, and Princess, or give your beloved feline a sophisticated moniker such as Aubrey, August, Bryce, and Emerson!

Make your cat feel special with a unique title or name that will make them stand out from the crowd. Give them the recognition they deserve and show them how much you care.

What are cowboy cat names?

Give your cat some classic western swagger with cowboy-themed names like Cowboy, Bandit, Maverick, Outlaw, Pistol, Jax, Cannon, and Hunter.

You can also choose more whimsical options like Bandana, Boots, Bronco, Calico, Chaps, Chaparral, Charro, and Corral.

What is a good name for a cat?

Give your cat a unique name with our list of 100 alphabetized cute cat names! Let the purr-fect name leap out at you!

What are some examples of exotic cat names inspired by mythology?

Give your furry friend a fittingly mythical name with Zeus, Orion, Cleopatra, and Lycus! Each comes from a different mythology, perfect for any exotic cat.

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